At The International University of Houston for open education, we enjoy a culture of self-learning and educational opportunities for all in more than 25 departments, where our students combine ambition and curiosity in developing their scientific and professional path and the desire to serve the community.


Our students around the world study a variety of different sciences such as the arts, humanities, social sciences, management, programs and specialized medical courses. Learning programs are designed to suit all ages and different cultures and nationalities, and these programs provide flexible access to the scientific content we offer.


Knowledge has become within the reach of many people, and the click of a button on the computer opens up prospects for knowledge. By self-education, it means developing your knowledge and skills without attending an educational institution, so that you are the one who sets your goal, plan and time for learning, and in some cases you can use the guidance of some supervisors and trainers, as is the case in the training courses available on the Internet.

Education and Teaching

Teaching is the imparting of facts, the transference of subject matter from a teacher to a student after which the student is tested to see how well the teacher delivered the subject matter and whether the student retained it.