Career development

The career development journey begins with us as we prepare you for success in any career path you choose,

Throughout your studies with us, you will have the ability to study many educational programs to help you design your career path and prepare for the future.


Career education is good for students! Career development is positive student development. Research shows; if students see the relevance and meaning in school, it results in improved interest and academic performance. Students become more motivated, self-directed learners when they understand the relationship between academics, career and education planning and achieving their own career goals.

  • Career development allows individuals to discover who they are, what they like to do and what they do best.
  • Many students are frustrated in school because they do not see the link between their coursework and goals for the future. We want student to understand how coursework and activities can enhance their strengths and move them toward their desired future.
  • Students often have limited exposure to the full range of possible jobs that are available. Without exploration, students may simply resort to selecting careers they see in their immediate surroundings or on television and in the media rather than selecting options that align with their own interest, skills or work values.
  • Nearly all careers require education beyond high school. Knowledge of certifications or degree opportunities, college options, entrance requirements, application process and financial aid is vital for students and families to learn.
  • All students benefit from career development resulting in a personal learning plan and portfolio to guide them through high school graduation and beyond to a postsecondary choice of apprenticeship, higher education, employment, military or entrepreneurship.