The International University of Houston for open education, was established in 2015 in the state of California, USA, to provide opportunities for self-learning and online learning for students in many fields and medical specialties, management sciences, social sciences and humanities, by providing distinguished scientific content capable of preparing our students and preparing them for the labor market. 

We at The International University of Houston for open education, are expanding access to free education, serving students who have the ambition to advance their academic career through self-learning, students who pursue online courses, and non-residential programs off campus to develop their careers or pursue their passion. Academic.

Today, we have more than 200 online courses and diplomas, more than 14,000 students join us in our virtual classes and more than 1,000 certificates are awarded each year.

We have The International University of Houston for open education, a selection of lecturers, teachers and university professors from academics and those with scientific and professional expertise, and we teach with the latest scientific methods and curricula in accordance with international standards, and therefore our students join us throughout the year and from all countries and from every cultural and professional background, whatever your goals. Educational, Houston University can help you achieve it.




 our ultimate goal is to create new knowledge, preserve academic freedoms, and provide learning opportunities for all, all the time and everywhere,  We are working to expand engagement with people and institutions around the world in the endeavor to enhance cultural understanding, improve the human condition, and train the next generation of future leaders, world leaders.


The University of Houston is an approved training facility for veterans and a Military Friendly institution.  Depending on your specific need, two campus offices provide services to veterans. The two offices are Veterans Services (VS) and the Office of the University Registrar. Together, we coordinate the University’s veterans’ services to the more than 1,200 veterans, spouses, and dependents attending classes and receiving veterans’ benefits. VS has a wide array of annual and special programs for student-veterans throughout the year.

The Women and Gender Resource Center provides a comfortable and friendly place where students, staff, and faculty, both women and men, can seek information on a variety of topics, obtain confidential referrals to appropriate campus and community resources, and discuss issues of concern. The Center presents programming on issues of gender and sexuality within the Center and also does outreach, providing training to a wide range of student organizations and the larger campus community.


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Maybe you’ve known your career path since the age of six. Or perhaps, you’re still a little murky regarding what you’d like to do. Either way, the University of Houston can help you refine your goals and chart a course to achieve them.

University Career Services offers a wide range of programs and services that will help you reach your goals, both while you’re at UH and long after.


Toggle The LGBTQ Resource Center at the University of Houston seeks to create an environment of inclusion and acceptance for all LGBTQ students, staff, and faculty. Through outreach, programming, education, advocacy, leadership, and visibility, we strive to strengthen the UH LGBTQ community and to eliminate attitudes of homophobia, heterosexism, and gender identity oppression. The Center provides the UH LGBTQ community with access to a broad range of resources, activities, and support services through collaborations with student organizations, campus departments, and local community organizations.Content

Toggle CInternational Student and Scholar Services advance the goals of Global Strategies and Studies by providing for the special needs of international students and exchange visitors related to their status as non-immigrants of the United States. It fulfills the University of Houston’s responsibility to comply with the laws and regulations of the U.S. government and promotes internationalization through comprehensive services and programs.ontent

Toggle ContentThe Dean of Students office is committed to student success. While pursuing your educational goals at the University of Houston, you will be faced with many challenges. Sometimes these challenges may seem insurmountable. In approaching these challenges, you should be aware that there are many people and services at the University that are dedicated to helping you through these situations and whose purpose is to enhance your ability to succeed. 

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Cougars in Recovery, the new collegiate recovery program at the University of Houston, aims to offer incoming students a smooth transition to the University of Houston, both socially and academically; offering opportunities for positive sober social interactions; setting standards that hold recovering students accountable; and providing support, guidance, and opportunities to serve the community.

Toggle ContenThe mission of the Children’s Learning Centers (CLC) is to provide a nationally accredited exemplary early childhood program that supports the student, staff, and faculty of the University of Houston (UH) while at the same time, encourages UH student success by offering opportunities for learning, discovery, and engagement.t

Toggle ContenThe Center for Student Empowerment (CSE) strives to create academic opportunities for participants in the program in concert with the community and corporate networking and support. The multifaceted components of the program promote scholarship, community service, and personal and professional development; through mentorship and internship as a conduit for the development of well-trained professionals.t

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The Center for Diversity and Inclusion fosters an inclusive university community by providing services, programs, and support that engage, empower, and educate our highly diverse student population and campus partners.

The Division of Student Affairs provides opportunities for students to achieve their goals by offering services that complement their academic experiences. We support students’ general needs that, when met, provide a foundation for academic and personal success.